What is City Lights? How does it work?

City lights is an app developed for visually impaired people.
1) Download the app
2) Allow sharing your location
3) Keep the app running and enjoy your walk

Why on traffic lights? Why not on all road intersections?

Sometimes you just want to take a nice walk into the city, you don't want to be bothered all the time from your phone.
Roads with traffic lights are more likely to get into an accident if you're not aware and that is why we chose them as dangerous point. 

In which cities can i use it?

Currently is available in
USA: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Pasadena, Chula Vista, Boston, Denton and Portland 
UK: Manchester  
Australia: Victoria State
Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax and Winnipeg
Netherlands: Amsterdam 
Greece: Athens  
Italy: Rome and Florence

For which devices is it available?

For the moment you can use it on Iphones but we will work hard on making it for android as well soon.

Will it drain my phone's battery?

City Lights doesn’t run gps in the background in order to function, it won’t dramatically decrease the battery life.

Why do you need donations?

Donations help us test our app in different cities and research the area. 
By donating, you help us improve the app with new features and functionalities to help visually impaired people f around the world. If you've used our app and enjoyed it please donate so more people can enjoy it too.